If not now… then when?

Wow, where do I begin?

A few blog posts ago, I talked about I was searching for a purpose. I am at a place in my life where I finally feel like I have a purpose. About two weeks ago, I decided I needed a change in my life. Something had to change and I wasn’t going to sit around hoping for it or that it would just happen out of thin air anymore. This year I really wasn’t taking care of myself, physically and consequentially mentally I wasn’t either. A little back story, I have thyroid disease, I have hypothyroidism. For you to live, your thyroid has to be functional. Mine is not, as my doctor had to explain to me last week, mine is in failure. This is not news to me, I’ve been taking medication for about ten years now to keep my thyroid levels where they are supposed to be but sometime this year I just fell off taking my medication. So, my body was shutting down and I knew it was but in the back of my mind, I was just letting it go. It’s really silly looking back, I was being lazy. So I just wasn’t taking my medication and I became very sick. All the time. I was tired, I never felt rested. No matter how many hours of sleep I got, it was like I never got a good night’s rest. With having no energy and my thyroid not working, I gained weight. I hate to admit it but I’m being very transparent. I looked in the mirror and became very unhappy with myself and how I let myself go that way. I had to see my doctor about my thyroid which I am supposed to do every six months and after getting my blood tested, he was horrified. He couldn’t believe I was living life with the levels I had, he couldn’t believe I was working and carrying on a life. I was but my quality of life was sad. I didn’t really think so at the time but fast forward now, two weeks later. I forgot I could feel this good. I AM A NEW PERSON. LIVING LIFE WITH A PURPOSE. & I’ll tell you why.

A few days before that doctor’s appointment, I knew something had to change. I decided to reach out to an old friend of mine who is a Herbalife coach, after running into her that past weekend. I was up late, and decided to check out her FB page and I was laying in bed thinking how motivational she was and something just sparked in me to text her. I didn’t even wait for her to reply to my first text.  I poured my heart out to her because I knew she had the passion to help me and the tools to make it happen. I hadn’t seen her in years, and now I know it was not a coincidence running into her, everything happens for a reason. I told her my goals, what I wanted for myself and she was so excited to help me. I went to see Maiya at Flagler Nutrition and had a shake and we decided what was a good nutrition plan for me and honestly, I’ve been at the club almost every day since. I got my Herbalife goodies in the mail, and in the short time being consistent it’s been life changing for me. Getting my thyroid in align, and taking care of body with the right nutrition has been powerful. Before, I was eating Mexican and subs all the time and now I’m excited for my daily shakes and teas!! I’m following my plan and reminding myself daily of my goals. I feel incredible. I would sleep past all my alarms, feel like a zombie all day and now I wake up before they go off and I’m excited to take on the day. In addition, I’ve lost 5 pounds since last week. I haven’t weighed myself but I know I have new results. I can see a difference in myself already. My entire attitude has changed too, I was so anxious and sad because of where I was and now I’m super happy and I’ve decided I want to help others. I want to inspire others and give them the tools to change their lives as well. I am now a Herbalife Coach!! I am super excited and can’t wait to see where life takes me. I live life with a purpose. “Purpose fuels passion.”

I’ve also met some new amazing people that have been dropping gems on me left and right!! Today I was sharing someone with a new friend, SHOUTOUT TO YOU COURTLYN and telling her how my anxiety was getting the best of me this year and what led me to reach out to Maiya. And she stopped, and said to me. ” You don’t have anxiety, you have anxious moments.” MIC DROP !!!!!! That was a powerful statement for me. Because with the monster of anxiety, it becomes the monster when you acknowledge it’s even there or it’s even a thing. It’s a manifestation. So, I am no longer using that phrase because I don’t have it, she’s right. I can have anxious moments but it does not consume me, it’s not a part of me. I am so thankful to be surrounded by inspiring & motivational people daily now.

I came across this quote recently and it speaks to me,

“Live less out of habit and more out of intent.”

All my old habits are gone. I don’t drink two/three sweet teas anymore and don’t even having the craving to do so anymore. I’m not eating out anymore, I don’t get tacos or subs anymore. I’m going to the gym and GETTIN IT !!! lol Everything I do is intentional now. There is a purpose and I am so happy. I can’t wait to see where life takes me.

If you want to see my results so far or watch my progress- feel free to follow me on Instagram @jeriberry93 ❤ This was a long heartfelt post so hopefully you stayed with me until the end. Please let me know if you did and what you think of tonight’s blog post. I can’t wait to share my before and after pictures when I reach my goal. Thanks for reading and supporting me!

Have a happy Tuesday ❤




Where have I been?! A recap of my last month :)

So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted. Ya girl has been busy! I’ve been saying yes to a lot more things and hanging out with old amazing friends and along the way making awesome new friends. 😊 & I haven’t been this happy in a very long time.

One of my dearest friends, Kyle had his family home to himself for a few weeks so of course he threw some parties and one was on the 4th of July🇺🇸 It was probably the best 4th of July in my life. I was surrounded by an amazing group of people, away from the crowds and traffic in Saint Augustine. Kyle even got some cool fireworks and we had an awesome fireworks display. Here are some pictures from the parties.

Next, me and Autumn went to Jimmy Hulas (one of my favorite spots in Ormond Beach) and then went out on the boat with her family. I’m not the outdoorsy type so I was nervous but it was so much fun!!! It was so relaxing being out on the boat and my pale self got some sun ❤IMG_7625.JPG

Then, it was Emily’s 22nd Birthday Extravaganza!!!! Such a fun weekend. We went bar hopping on her birthday and it was so much fun. Started at Al’s Pizza for dollar wine night (who knew?!), and then we went to Meehan’s, No Name, then Odd Birds and after that I called it a night because we planned to hit the road early for…. GINNIE SPRINGS BABY.

Then the next day, we eventually hit the road for Ginnie Springs. We found the perfect campsite close to the water and I pretty much supervised everyone pitch their tents. Again, I’m not one with nature so I just supervised and supported everyone, lol. It was me, Emily, Ronnie and Brittany that got there first and then James. The rest of the group had to work so they didn’t show up until like 10pm that night so the five us went down the river a few times, ate and sat around and talked and I really enjoyed myself. Then, the party started. Everyone showed up and we didn’t go to bed until like 4 am. It turned out being like 13 of us. It was so much fun, don’t get me wrong though… the heat was REAL and the bugs were in yo face. Literally. I had a blast but for me it’s one of those things you can maybe only do once a year because it’s just so crazy. Being outdoors without AC for over 12 hours is enough for me 💁🏼 Hahaha. Here is Brittany’s truck before we headed out to Ginnie. It looked like we were going for a week instead of a night 😂

IMG_7628.JPGSo yeah I’ve had a crazy month. It’s been so much fun, I’ve been surrounded by some crazy, fun, good people. I’m so glad I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone and it’s helped me get out of this ugly rut I’ve been in. I’m not sure if it’s my personality type but I can get in a certain routine and next thing I know I’m super complacent. But luckily, I’ve snapped out of it and I’m ready for more adventures! Stayed tuned in the next couple months because this unicorn might make an appearance at EDC 2017!!!!! I’m gonna go all out. It’s something I would never dream of doing but Emily and Brittany want to go, and I’m 24. Sometimes I feel 45 and I’ve realized like I said, I need to get out there and make memories while I can. So why not go!!! I can’t wait for that blog post 🦄✨🤓


Thanks for reading guys❤