The Bachelorette Week 5 Recap Part One

Hi guys! So this week we had a two nights of the Bachelorette, jam packed of drama and romance.

Part One

Monday night’s episode begins with Lee and Kenny’s silly confrontation at the cocktail party. Bryan and Rachel have a moment together alone and Bryan is slowly becoming my personal front runner. Their connection is so strong and it’s undeniable. Bryan gets the rose, and I note at this point I can’t stand Lee. Personally,  I don’t think he was ever there to fall in love with Rachel.

Jack gets the one on one! Their date takes place in Bluffton, SC (shoutout to DMcPheezy!!) Rachel and Jack take a horse and carriage ride, and they end up at shuckin’ and shaggin’ oysters. They start dancing and I can tell by Rachel’s body language in particular, she is in not interested especially when they kiss. Rachel is one of those people where how she feels is written all across her face. Rachel doesn’t feel the passion, it looked like she was kissing a friend. At the night portion of the date, Rachel asks Jack a question about where he would take her back in Dallas or what they would do together and his reply is, “lay in bed and talk?” Um what? I wrote, Same Rachel, same. Her reaction would have been exactly mine. Come on now! Jack if you won Rachel Lindsay’s heart, you’re going to sit at home and watch Netflix? Nooooo. You are going to show off your woman! You are dating Rachel Lindsay. You’re not 20, you can afford to take her out. You’re an attorney for goodness sake. Ladies, it’s all about effort, am I right? Jack leaves without a rose.

Rachel feels confident about her decision she has to make, so there’s no cocktail party. She says goodbye to Jonathan and Iggy. They say goodbye and hello to Oslo, Norway!!!

Bryan gets the one on one date, which I am excited about but not surprised. Rachel takes him to a 187 feet ski jump, and tells him they are going to repel down. This is where I would have said my goodbyes if I were on the Bachelor. No person is worth scaring the crap out of me, I’m sorry. I would say byeeee!! But, I’ve never been put in that situation where there’s so much pressure so maybe I would do it but as a viewer, I’m like no ma’am! Of course they successfully repel down and Rachel looks stunning as always, she looks like she’s been just shopping at the mall. I would have looked a MESS. At the night portion of the date, Bryan tells Rachel he’s falling in love with her and she’s absolutely glowing. You can tell she feels the same way but she can’t reciprocate in the moment. This is where I’m like, yep Bryan will be there at the end.

The date card comes and it says, “I’m looking for a guy who’s good with his hands.” Adam, Dean, Anthony, Peter, Matt, Will, Alex, Eric and Josiah. That eludes the two on one with Lee and Kenny. Very reminiscent of Alex and Chad on JoJo’s season. Time for a showdown. On the group date, they go and play handball which was cool to watch. Peter made it fun by guarding Rachel in the game and being super playful. Still love Peter more than ever. During the night portion of the date, Rachel and Peter get extra alone time. 😉 I noted, “The way Peter looked at Rachel”. I want a Peter. We all deserve a Peter. The hot tub time got real spicy. It was so awkward though when Rachel and Peter came back after being in the hot tub. I wonder how long they were really gone, LOL. I think Rachel probably really wanted to give Peter the group date rose but it would have been too obvious and he did get seemingly extra time with her so Will gets the group date rose. 🙂

I’ve decided to break up the two episodes in two different posts, so stay tuned for Part Two of this week. 🙂 Jeri

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