The Bachelorette Week 5 Part Two Recap

I’m back guys to finish up this week’s recap! Did ya miss me? 😉

So, the two on one date is located in Hobol, Norway. This seemed honestly like a waste of time for Rachel because both men acted extremely petty and immature. Lee was just Lee, and Rachel finally had her opportunity to give both men their chance to say their side of the story, and she told Lee goodbye. It didn’t even feel like a date, which was sad. Rachel told Kenny she wasn’t ready to give him the rose because she wanted more time with him. They were getting ready to leave in the helicopter, and Kenny had to go back one more time to tell Lee off. Just like Rachel, I was super annoyed. But Rachel being the class act she is, she let it go and continued the date. Kenny got to stay and after that was the rose ceremony. Rachel let Anthony and Josiah go which I totally agreed with her decision to let Josiah go. It was allllll about him. He didn’t ever try to get to know her, it was always about him. I think his ego got in the way.

Next, they are in Helsingor, Denmark. They are staying at the Hotel Marienlyst. Side note, how cool would it be if you were a Bachelor super fan like me and they offered like trips you could take, and you could go to all the places they visited each season and stay at the hotels/houses they stay at? I would totally do that! The date card comes and it says, “Eric, I’m copen to love.” They meet for their date in Copenhagen, Denmark. Eric is so excited and so cute. They explore the city together and come across hot tubs almost in a city square. Of course, they get in! It just so happened they had their bathing suits 😉

eric and rachel.jpg

I’d be totally down for that, too! It looked awesome. The guys back at the hotel get the group date card and it reads, “Dean, Kenny, Bryan, Alex, Matt, Peter, Adam. I’ve taken a Viking to you guys.” Rachel and Eric explore Copenhagen together, which I’m super jealous they visited. Before the dinner portion of the date, Rachel takes him to Tivoli. The second most visited amusement park in the world. Eric got lucky with an awesome date! They go on rides, play games and just look so happy. At the dinner portion of the date, Eric opens up and tells Rachel he’s never felt loved before. I really like Eric, he’s super genuine. He’s really grown on me, I didn’t think I would like him as much as I do.

Next is the group date in Roskilde. They have a Viking show off mediated by some authentic Viking men. It was really fun to watch and it really showed off Dean’s masculine side. Not! LOL. Still gotta love Dean though. It was fun to watch. At the night portion of the date, Rachel doesn’t want to keep Kenny around and away from his daughter so she sends him home. You could really tell how much he missed his daughter and loves her. Kenny seems like a great dude and I think he will find someone great for him. Peter got the group date rose 😉 #TeamPeter

Time for Will and Rachel’s one on one date. Something is missing according to Rachel. There was that incredibly awkward moment filled with silence as they were over looking the city at the castle. They explore the city together and then they go to the NY Carlsberg Visitor Center and it looked super cool. Rachel says they are lacking passion in their relationship and she hopes they can seek it at the night portion of the date, but they don’t. Rachel asks Will about his past relationships and what he was like with his past girlfriends. He says passionate, uh oh… He said the girl he fell in love with a year ago, it just clicked with him and he didn’t follow that up by saying something like, “like how me and you click Rachel.” There was no follow up and as a woman I analyzed that real quick. Rachel is like, okay… so she gracefully ends up sending him home and Will leaves like a gentleman.

The next rose ceremony comes and Rachel can’t hide her emotions. I don’t blame her, she has an amazing group of guys. She sends home Alex and I’m sad to see him go. He was such a sweetie and so cute! This is where the episode concludes and they tease drama with Peter which makes me nervous!!!!!!! There was so much to write about this week. What did you think of the episodes? Are you #TeamBryan or #Team Peter?



Let me know what you think! Until next time,

This unicorn is out!


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