The Bachelorette Week 5 Part Two Recap

I’m back guys to finish up this week’s recap! Did ya miss me? 😉

So, the two on one date is located in Hobol, Norway. This seemed honestly like a waste of time for Rachel because both men acted extremely petty and immature. Lee was just Lee, and Rachel finally had her opportunity to give both men their chance to say their side of the story, and she told Lee goodbye. It didn’t even feel like a date, which was sad. Rachel told Kenny she wasn’t ready to give him the rose because she wanted more time with him. They were getting ready to leave in the helicopter, and Kenny had to go back one more time to tell Lee off. Just like Rachel, I was super annoyed. But Rachel being the class act she is, she let it go and continued the date. Kenny got to stay and after that was the rose ceremony. Rachel let Anthony and Josiah go which I totally agreed with her decision to let Josiah go. It was allllll about him. He didn’t ever try to get to know her, it was always about him. I think his ego got in the way.

Next, they are in Helsingor, Denmark. They are staying at the Hotel Marienlyst. Side note, how cool would it be if you were a Bachelor super fan like me and they offered like trips you could take, and you could go to all the places they visited each season and stay at the hotels/houses they stay at? I would totally do that! The date card comes and it says, “Eric, I’m copen to love.” They meet for their date in Copenhagen, Denmark. Eric is so excited and so cute. They explore the city together and come across hot tubs almost in a city square. Of course, they get in! It just so happened they had their bathing suits 😉

eric and rachel.jpg

I’d be totally down for that, too! It looked awesome. The guys back at the hotel get the group date card and it reads, “Dean, Kenny, Bryan, Alex, Matt, Peter, Adam. I’ve taken a Viking to you guys.” Rachel and Eric explore Copenhagen together, which I’m super jealous they visited. Before the dinner portion of the date, Rachel takes him to Tivoli. The second most visited amusement park in the world. Eric got lucky with an awesome date! They go on rides, play games and just look so happy. At the dinner portion of the date, Eric opens up and tells Rachel he’s never felt loved before. I really like Eric, he’s super genuine. He’s really grown on me, I didn’t think I would like him as much as I do.

Next is the group date in Roskilde. They have a Viking show off mediated by some authentic Viking men. It was really fun to watch and it really showed off Dean’s masculine side. Not! LOL. Still gotta love Dean though. It was fun to watch. At the night portion of the date, Rachel doesn’t want to keep Kenny around and away from his daughter so she sends him home. You could really tell how much he missed his daughter and loves her. Kenny seems like a great dude and I think he will find someone great for him. Peter got the group date rose 😉 #TeamPeter

Time for Will and Rachel’s one on one date. Something is missing according to Rachel. There was that incredibly awkward moment filled with silence as they were over looking the city at the castle. They explore the city together and then they go to the NY Carlsberg Visitor Center and it looked super cool. Rachel says they are lacking passion in their relationship and she hopes they can seek it at the night portion of the date, but they don’t. Rachel asks Will about his past relationships and what he was like with his past girlfriends. He says passionate, uh oh… He said the girl he fell in love with a year ago, it just clicked with him and he didn’t follow that up by saying something like, “like how me and you click Rachel.” There was no follow up and as a woman I analyzed that real quick. Rachel is like, okay… so she gracefully ends up sending him home and Will leaves like a gentleman.

The next rose ceremony comes and Rachel can’t hide her emotions. I don’t blame her, she has an amazing group of guys. She sends home Alex and I’m sad to see him go. He was such a sweetie and so cute! This is where the episode concludes and they tease drama with Peter which makes me nervous!!!!!!! There was so much to write about this week. What did you think of the episodes? Are you #TeamBryan or #Team Peter?



Let me know what you think! Until next time,

This unicorn is out!


The Bachelorette Week 5 Recap Part One

Hi guys! So this week we had a two nights of the Bachelorette, jam packed of drama and romance.

Part One

Monday night’s episode begins with Lee and Kenny’s silly confrontation at the cocktail party. Bryan and Rachel have a moment together alone and Bryan is slowly becoming my personal front runner. Their connection is so strong and it’s undeniable. Bryan gets the rose, and I note at this point I can’t stand Lee. Personally,  I don’t think he was ever there to fall in love with Rachel.

Jack gets the one on one! Their date takes place in Bluffton, SC (shoutout to DMcPheezy!!) Rachel and Jack take a horse and carriage ride, and they end up at shuckin’ and shaggin’ oysters. They start dancing and I can tell by Rachel’s body language in particular, she is in not interested especially when they kiss. Rachel is one of those people where how she feels is written all across her face. Rachel doesn’t feel the passion, it looked like she was kissing a friend. At the night portion of the date, Rachel asks Jack a question about where he would take her back in Dallas or what they would do together and his reply is, “lay in bed and talk?” Um what? I wrote, Same Rachel, same. Her reaction would have been exactly mine. Come on now! Jack if you won Rachel Lindsay’s heart, you’re going to sit at home and watch Netflix? Nooooo. You are going to show off your woman! You are dating Rachel Lindsay. You’re not 20, you can afford to take her out. You’re an attorney for goodness sake. Ladies, it’s all about effort, am I right? Jack leaves without a rose.

Rachel feels confident about her decision she has to make, so there’s no cocktail party. She says goodbye to Jonathan and Iggy. They say goodbye and hello to Oslo, Norway!!!

Bryan gets the one on one date, which I am excited about but not surprised. Rachel takes him to a 187 feet ski jump, and tells him they are going to repel down. This is where I would have said my goodbyes if I were on the Bachelor. No person is worth scaring the crap out of me, I’m sorry. I would say byeeee!! But, I’ve never been put in that situation where there’s so much pressure so maybe I would do it but as a viewer, I’m like no ma’am! Of course they successfully repel down and Rachel looks stunning as always, she looks like she’s been just shopping at the mall. I would have looked a MESS. At the night portion of the date, Bryan tells Rachel he’s falling in love with her and she’s absolutely glowing. You can tell she feels the same way but she can’t reciprocate in the moment. This is where I’m like, yep Bryan will be there at the end.

The date card comes and it says, “I’m looking for a guy who’s good with his hands.” Adam, Dean, Anthony, Peter, Matt, Will, Alex, Eric and Josiah. That eludes the two on one with Lee and Kenny. Very reminiscent of Alex and Chad on JoJo’s season. Time for a showdown. On the group date, they go and play handball which was cool to watch. Peter made it fun by guarding Rachel in the game and being super playful. Still love Peter more than ever. During the night portion of the date, Rachel and Peter get extra alone time. 😉 I noted, “The way Peter looked at Rachel”. I want a Peter. We all deserve a Peter. The hot tub time got real spicy. It was so awkward though when Rachel and Peter came back after being in the hot tub. I wonder how long they were really gone, LOL. I think Rachel probably really wanted to give Peter the group date rose but it would have been too obvious and he did get seemingly extra time with her so Will gets the group date rose. 🙂

I’ve decided to break up the two episodes in two different posts, so stay tuned for Part Two of this week. 🙂 Jeri

The Bachelorette Week 4 Recap! The week Dean stole of all America’s hearts…

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great week so far.

In the Bachelorette world, it’s Week 4 so time for another recap! 🙂 I don’t know about you but tonight Dean really stole my heart, you can’t help to really love him now. We will get to that but in the beginning of last night’s episode Eric and Lee get into it, it’s silly drama. Rachel and Bryan have their sweet moment, I wrote “sweet and genuine, hopefully Bryan is real.” RIGHT? He’s a smooth talker. I saw Peter and was like yassss. Love love Peter. Rachel had her moment talking to the producer in her interview and I felt for her, I hated seeing her sad. Little did she know at the time, everyone loves her as the Bachelorette. I haven’t heard a single bad thing said about her. She’s over the night, she’s tired of the drama so she decides to skip right to the rose ceremony.

To my surprise, Bryce, Brady and Diggy are sent home. Okay, I really thought we were going to get to know Diggy and Rachel and him were going to connect more. I wanted to see more of Diggy besides his amazing sense of style, and his glasses. I loved his glasses! Hopefully it won’t be the last of seeing those three handsome men.

Now, they change locations and head to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina! They stay at the Sonesta Resort, and wow… later I looked up how much it is to stay there a night just in their most standard room. I’ll just put it this way, Jeri won’t be staying there any time soon. ABC does it right. The date card comes as they are sitting in the living room and it reads, ” Dean, our love is about to take off.” -Rachel. DEAN IS SO CUTE. HE IS SO CUTE!!!! They take a jeep to a field and have a picnic, aka pop champagne and sit on the hood of the jeep which is actually really cute and something I think would be fun to do. A Good year blimp appears in the sky, *coincidentally* and Rachel tells Dean she use to call them bimps, how cute. Dean is super nervous about getting on the blimp, and I’m sitting in my bed thinking how cool it would be to get to be able to ride on a blimp! Dean and Rachel are on the blimp kissing, and I saw Dean bite Rachel’s lip and I said “Okaaaaaaay!!!” We see you Dean. His smile is everything.

rachel dean.jpg

Is age going to be a factor to Rachel’s decision making down the line when it comes to Dean? Honestly, I don’t think it will matter. Maybe it will, but it seems to me Dean is super level headed and has a career but we will see.

Time for the group date!! The date card reads, “Alex, Anthony, Peter, Bryan, Jonathan, Adam, Matt, Kenny, Lee, Iggy, Eric, Will and Josiah. I want to see who’s ready for commitment.” -Rachel. To Jack’s shock, that left him with the next one on one date. I’m happy for Jack, I can’t wait to see more of him. Rachel and Dean night portion of the date comes up next and Rachel wants to get to know more about Dean and where he came from and, oh my gosh. He shared about growing up and shared to Rachel and all of us at home about his mother passing away from breast cancer. I don’t have words to express what I felt for Dean as he was sharing that. The part where he said he asked his mom in Hospice when she was coming home and she said never……. Oh. Dean is crying, I’m crying. I like sobbed you guys, not gonna lie. That’s a first in watching this franchise where someone’s personal emotional story got me. Dean tugged at my heart strings hard, and Rachel’s. Before that, maybe we thought Dean was too young for Rachel but he has so much depth and emotional maturity. He’s so strong, yet so positive and sweet. #TeamDean !!! Rachel leads Dean to a concert, and Russell Dickerson is performing. Usually, the people who perform for the one on one dates don’t impress me but this dude was good! And of course, Rachel and Dean dancing were so adorable. Seemed like a pretty good date to me 😉

Now, it’s time for the group date. Rachel takes the boy’s out for a cruise. The drink aesthetic was cute, I loved the straws, LOL. The boat looked super fun, Josiah was puffing his chest trying to get Rachel’s attention. #EyeRoll #SorryNotSorry. Peter RAPPED!!! I died. It was like I wanted to look away but I was mesmerized. He might not be an amazing rapper but he got an A for effort. It was so cute. Rachel loved it too. I noted I wanted to see more of Alex, he grabbed my attention last week so I’m ready for more moments with Alex. The next portion of the date was a Bachelor Nation Spelling Bee. Kenny was the first out, spelling champagne wrong. Sorry bud! Josiah wins, of course after milking the entire thing. The night portion of the dates comes, and its at the South Carolina Yacht Club. I noted Rachel and Eric have a moment on the couch and is Eric going to creep up on us as a front runner later in the season? Iggy being the gossip queen per usual, I noted it felt like he was more of a friend talking to Rachel than a potential suitor. He needs to remember why he came on the show, it’s always the gossip queens demise.

That was basically the episode, besides the Lee and Kenny confrontation and drama but I am so over it, I don’t even want to comment but next week there is two episodes! I am so excited!!! Plus, it looks like there’s a physical altercation… blood is shed.

So, I want to hear from you if you’re reading. Who do you like? Who do you seeing being Top 4, Top 2? Right now I see it being… Dean, Peter, Alex & Bryan. There might be a random one at the end. Maybe Adam, because I really like him too but we don’t see a whole lot of him. What was your favorite part of the episode?

Until next week,

Jeri 🙂

When your life doesn’t go to plan…

In the words of 2 Chainz, “If it wasn’t for the struggle, then I wouldn’t be me.”

Isn’t that the truth….

So, a little about me. When I was a sophomore or junior in high school, I went on a field trip to UCF tour the school and I fell in love with the campus. I decided it was my dream school and I wanted to study hospitality management there. I had it all planned out, I was going to graduate from there and work for the cruise lines. Well, I graduated high school and enrolled at St Johns River State to get my AA so I could transfer. I spent years on and off attempting to get my AA. I just recently gave it one more shot to see if I could knock out these painstaking math classes and I couldn’t. I have spent years trying to achieve my dreams, I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve cried over math, because of my frustration or disappointment. Honestly, I’ve been to so many tutors for math and I’ve done everything I’ve can and I have just come to the conclusion some people just have strengths and weaknesses. I can’t do everything. I’m not good at math and I’m not good at being a student. It’s taken over 6 years of busting my ass and failing to come to this conclusion. It’s okay. My life has not gone to plan, and there’s some sort of beauty in that. Especially, when I read that quote about Oprah and Steve Jobs about where they were at 23 and now look at them. You know the quote I’m talking about, if you don’t google it.

Now, I am back at the drawing board. What am I going to do with my life? I think most 18 year olds think people in their mid twenties have their lives figured out, including their career and I can tell you majority of the people I know in their twenties, do not. Good for the ones that do have their lives all together and are adulting successfully! I have my mind and heart open to all the options I have in life right now. I’m pondering the idea of becoming a travel agent, I’m looking into how to pursue it. Also, I have this love for writing. The dream would be to take cruises, go on trips/tours and get paid to review travel! I would LOVE to be able to travel, write about it and get paid for it! I’ve recently decided I’m going to try and break into the freelance writing industry. Honestly, there’s so many opportunities out there without a college degree, I just have to tap into them.

It s 12:43 am as I’m writing this, and I don’t know the exact point of writing this is but I hope if you’re reading this and you’re in a similar position, you won’t feel alone after reading this. 🙂 There’s beauty in a struggle, it’s going to be sweet when I do find a career I love!

Thanks for reading babes!


The Bachelorette Week 3 Recap & guess who’s going to Paradise…. :)

Hey guys! I’m back for to recap another week of this amazing season of the Bachelorette. 🙂

So last week’s episode, it ends with DeMario coming back to talk to Rachel, and it teases the remaining guys are going to confront him and it looks dramatic! On last night’s episode, Rachel walks down the driveway and meets DeMario. Literally the whole time he was speaking, all I heard was bullllllshhhhh. He sounded like an idiot and I knew Rachel wasn’t going to fall for his silly quote or any of what he said. Of course my queen delivered, and told DeMario basically he needed to forward which is outside of the house. I was clapping, Rachel always has the best one-liners or phrases it where you can really feel the burn. He deserved it, of course. So, next is the cocktail hour before the rose ceremony. I noted Jonathan with the big hands making Rachel laugh is cute. I also noted Alex with his sexy ass accent, YASS. I love him, by the way. And then, Rachel and Will playing basketball and having their little moment was cute. Honestly, the whole Blake and Lucas feud was ridiculous, Lucas saying that Blake was standing over the bed with a banana? Like what? LOL Rachel is a grown woman and doesn’t have time for this nonsense!

Surprise, Jonathan and Blake were sent home because of their own demise along with Jamie at the rose ceremony (that was his name, right?) I’m sorry!. The whole exchange after Lucas and Blake were eliminated was kind of funny but again, embarrassing for them?

Next is probably one of the coolest group dates I’ve seen. The guys receive the date card that reads, “Bryan, Jonathan, Peter, Alex, Will and Fred. Lights camera action, come join me on the set of Ellen.” Rachel surprises the guys with them being on the show. They have to do a Magic Mike striptease for the audience, which I get why Rachel did it but at the same time I’d be kinda jealous that my guys are rubbing up on other women? lol and then with Ellen & Rachel, the play “Never Have I Ever.” I found Will very endearing on this date. & Alex went all out!

rachel episode 3

Bryan, Ellen, Rachel & Will pictured.

Next is the night portion of the group date. Alex with Rachel seemed very genuine, he surprised me with the comment about the left eye, like okaaay Alex we see you! I love his style, it’s so wacky and eccentric. He’s so loveable. I’d keep him around for a long time even if I knew we weren’t meant to be. I really admired when Fred put all of his feelings out there and asked for the kiss with Rachel, but in my heart I knew Rachel just didn’t feel the same way. Usually, if you have to ask to kiss someone it’s not a good sign 😦 Poor, Fred…. but he’s going to find someone great! He’s so sweet. Fred was sent home, and the group date rose went to Alex. 🙂

Onto the next date! This was Rachel’s one on one date with Anthony. By the way, where did he come from? Anthony meets up with Rachel on Rodeo Drive on a horse, and Anthony saddles up on his own horse and they go shopping. Not the most realistic date, but when in Rome, I suppose. 🙂 I noted that Anthony looked really good in his cowboy hat 🙂 The entire date seemed to go really well and now I think we should watch out for Anthony, he might be a top contender? We shall see. 🙂


2nd group date time!! Squad Goals are back. Raven, Jasmine, Corinne and Alexis return to back up their girl Rachel on the date. They planned the date for the guys and Rachel, surprising them both by taking them to The Cowboy Palace Saloon. On the way there, Raven being a good friend asks Bryce and Lee on the bus who is least there for Rachel that was on the bus, and they both said Eric. When they made it to the location, itooked like a total dive bar but looked awesome all at the same time. The guys have to mud wrestle, which I wasn’t mad at 😉 Dean’s reactions were hilarious, I wrote in my notes “Dean is me.” Kenny freaked me out a little when he got in wrestler mode getting all hyped up. Like, okay. You’re at like 11, come on down to like a 6 lol. All the guys looked smokin’ hot, but Brady! His abs were something else, hellooo. Corrine’s face was everything when Kenny was wrestling Jack. & then, Bryce and Kenny had to have a final showdown and Bryce won and took the belt. I am kind of surprised Kenny didn’t win….was him losing staged or planned? Later on at the night portion of the group date, which was located at the Oak Canyon Ranch, Bryce Eric and Lee have an exchange. Because of the drama earlier which was also petty and ridiculous if you watched, you know what I’m talking about but otherwise it’s not even worth explaining because I am not even sure what the fight was about? But, Raven does inform Rachel what the guys said and Eric and Rachel even had a conversation, and after all that my guard would have been up but I think to everyone’s surprise.. Eric gets the group date rose? I wrote “whaaaat?”.  Lee had a small statement about Eric getting the group date rose, and I noted that I agreed with him.

That’s pretty much the episode, it ends before the next rose ceremony begins but we see Rachel and I love love her dress! Props to her stylist.

Can’t wait for next week’s episode but it was announced who’s going to be on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise! I am sooooo excited.

Here’s the starter lineup.

  • Raven from Nick’s season
  • Corrine from Nick’s season
  • Amanda Stanton from Ben’s season and last season of BIP
  • Alexis (my girl!!) from Nick’s season
  • Derek from JoJo’s season
  • DeMario from this current season (eyeroll)
  • Lacey Mark from Nick’s season
  • Kristina Schulman from Nick’s season
  • Nick “St Nick” Benvenutti from JoJo’s season. I really liked him!
  • Danielle Maltby from Nick’s season
  • Taylor Nolan from Nick’s season
  • Robby Hayes from JoJo’s season
  • Ben Zorn from Kaitlyn’s season
  • Jasmine from Nick’s season
  • Alex W from JoJo’s season
  • and last but not least, Vinny from JoJo’s season and last season of BIP

SO MANY FEELINGS. I CAN’T WAIT!!! I can’t wait to see who Corinne hits it off with, same with Robby. Actually everyone, though tbh. It’s gonna be a great season, and I can’t waiiiit to see who also shows up. I really want Luke Pell to show up but he said on Ben Higgins and Ashley I’s podcast, “Almost Famous’ that he was not going to Paradise. But, maybe he ends up going?! I hope. andddd is Chad going to show up and hit it off with Corinne? Let’s see. 🙂

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of last night’s episode and the announcement of who’s going to be on BIP. Anyone you’re excited to see on there, any predictions? 🙂


Boy, bye!

So today’s post is a rant. In this moment, I’m really annoyed. If I could describe being a single woman in 2017 in one word, it would be exhausting.

Generally, dating is for weeding out the people you aren’t compatible with to find that one person that’s a match for you. In today’s world, it seems like most people meet online. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or like Tinder/Bumble. All of the beginning communication isn’t done face to face, so it’s hard to tell what the person’s intention is or if they’re being genuine. Through a phone screen, it’s so easy to tell someone whatever they want to hear. But, actions speak louder than words. I am so tired of talking to seemingly great guys, and then when it’s time to meet or commit to setting a date, radio silence. Don’t get me wrong, I go on dates but I’m still single and writing this, so you probably can guess how those dates go. Some are nice people, but just not the right fit for me. But, I’m 24… I’m not 18, 19 or 20 anymore. I’m dating to marry. I am looking for someone to spend my life with, I’m not rushing into anything but those are my intentions. I’m not looking to hang out with someone for a couple months and then things fizzle out. For example, if we set a time to meet and then I don’t hear from you for hours and then you say, “Oh maybe we can get dinner tonight.” No, forget it then. I’m looking for someone who’s going to commit to a date and show up on time. We all know we are going to make it happen if we want to be there. And to clarify, things come up and things like that but if it’s an ongoing theme with someone… I’m done. Boy bye!

Here’s another issue I run into. My personality type is interesting, or maybe not. Tell me if you’re like this too. I LOVE talking to people, I crave connections, friendly or potential romantic ones. I just love talking, getting to know someone and having good conversation, REAL conversation. Not like about the weather or what my favorite color is. I like deep conversations. I like really getting to know someone. I’m not a surface level type of person. So, this is where it gets tricky. I go back and forth with downloading the apps like Tinder and Bumble and then deleting them and then downloading them all over again. It’s a thing. Because, I meet some really cool people to talk to on there and then we plan on meeting and then it’s radio silence or they turn out to be fuc*boys. So I’m on there to enjoy conversations and then someone draws me in and we go out, and it’s a disaster. If you asked me about the kind of dates I’ve been on, you would laugh in horror. (Some have been normal) but I could write a book. So then something happens where I am over the apps, and I decide I want to meet someone organically at like a coffee shop or however it happens and I delete them but then I crave connecting so the vicious cycle starts back over again. I don’t think I am alone on this.

I wish our dating culture was different, what it was like before cell phones and you had to approach the person in person to say hi. Then, getting to know someone and then they ask you out and not ask to “Netflix and Chill” or text you at midnight. I really appreciate old fashioned dating, being courted and maybe the guy brings you flowers and doesn’t expect anything from you in turn except your company. I hate the line more than anything when I’m talking to a guy and he says, “so if I take you out on a date, what do I get in return?” Um, my company?! Hellooooo that’s what a date is. I know what they are implying but I love saying, “Oh you get a nice gold star.” 🙂

I love writing. When I decided to write this post earlier, I was so annoyed. I felt defeated by something that happened to me earlier and now I feel a lot better. There’s something so therapeutic about blogging. It’s something I do for me but when someone tells me that they agreed or could relate to something I said in my blog, that’s even better.

Dating sucks most of the time, but I am hopeful there’s someone out there that’s going to appreciate my awkward, dorky self and be genuine with me one day. 😉 If anyone has any dating horror stories, I would love to hear them. We can exchange them.

Alrighty, I’m out. I’m headed to Rachel’s goodbye dinner at Mellow. I’m going to miss her!

Thanks for reading,