The Bachelorette Week 2 Recap!

Hey guys! So, Monday night was the second episode of The Bachelorette. There’s so much to discuss, a lot happened this episode! I’m still obsessed with Rachel, anyone else? This season I can already tell isn’t going to be lacking in the drama or LOVE department 😉

Okay, let’s begin! *Whips out my iPhone notes I took during the episode*

I see Copper, Rachel’s dog and he is so STINKIN CUTE!! His poor leg though, what happened? Poor buddy, but it looks like it’s not holding him back from jet setting to Palm Springs 😉

So, there’s a group date. The card reads: “Dean, Jack, Jonathan, Blake, Kenny, Fred, Lucas and Iggy. I’m looking for husband material…” The guys show up to Rachel showing off her wifey material status getting a BBQ ready, and it looks so cute! They’re drinking Moscow mules, I noted. As if that’s important but I am all about the aesthetic in this situation, lol. ASHTON KUTCHER AND MILA KUNIS!!! They show up to help Rachel explain what the guys are going to be doing. Ashton and Mila are the fans of the show, and especially of Rachel. I love that, they seem so down to earth. Ashton and Mila are so adorable together, I want to hang out with them. Mila’s BJ comment though, I died. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE DEAN IS?????? I don’t know if he is husband material just yet, he’s 25 I think? He’s a little bit younger than Rachel but he is soooo cute. His smile! Goodness. So, they have their daddy duty challenge and it’s pretty fun to watch. Iggy has to retreat to the “dog house” first. It comes down to Lucas, WHABOOOM guy and Kenny. Lucas stiff arms Kenny, and wins the challenge. Lucas has a celebratory WHABOOOM, and they show Ashton’s reaction to it, and all I can think is, same Ashton, same.”  The evening portion of the date is at this really cool warehouse bar that’s retro themed. I wanted to be there! It comes out that Blake knows Lucas, Blake spends his one on one time trying to put down Lucas. Probably going to be Blake’s downfall in the end, the one who tattles usually loses in Bachelor history. I also noted Jack Stone was cute, another one that you don’t really remember from night one but he’s coming out of the shadows. In Lucas and Blake’s exchange on the couch, did it seem like Lucas was drunk? The dude was slurring his words, it was kinda funny. You can’t take him seriously.

Dean and Rachel had an amazing one on one time, after she was saying she was kind of disappointed in the conversation so far that night with the other guys , and I called it. Dean got the rose for the date, I wrote “obvi”. Good move on Dean’s part, offering to walk Rachel out at the end of the night. Smooth 😉 He gets his kiss, and I can feel the sparks through my television screen. Woaaah.

Next, Peter gets the one on one date, YASSSS. Peter is so dreamy. He might be the most attractive man in the house.  Peter and Rachel drive up to the airport, which for some reason I was impressed he was driving her. I don’t know why but I was. Copper joins Peter and Rachel and they get on the plane and head to Palm Springs! They go to Barkfest, a dog pool party. Honestly, my dream date. Now when I talk to guys on Tinder and they ask what my ideal date is, I can honestly give them an answer now. Take me on a date to a dog pool party, where corgis and golden retrievers will be and I’ll be set. I loved their conversation at dinner about their gaps in their teeth. I was so impressed that he said he went to a relationship therapist. Not a lot of men I feel like actually go and do that on their own. PREDICTION:::: I think Peter will at least make it to Top 2. They are so perfect, it has to be too good to be true right? Or is it plainly obvious that they are soulmates? Literally, the date ended in fireworks. I was giddy the whole time watching it, I felt like I was Rachel out on the date, as she said she was a “smitten kitten”. Ok, me.

Next in the episode is the second one on one date. The date card reads, “Will, Jamie, Diggy, Adam, Lee, Alex, Matt, Eric, Josiah and DeMario. Swish”.  The date is in a high school gymnasium, they’re all playing basketball and the guest of the date is the iconic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Who seemed like a total sweetheart!!! I appreciated his sense of humor and his advice he gave Rachel. Honestly, I was bored with the date until the tea is spilled ALL OVER THE COURT. Rachel is taking pictures with fans and then a girl approaches Rachel. She tells Rachel that she’s DeMario’s girlfriend and that he never broke up with her and basically ghosted her and came on the show. Ouch. I could feel her genuine disgust for what he had done to her. I DIED when Rachel brought DeMario out to confront this girl, and he said, “OHHH (like he was almost excited to see this girl, and then remembers what he’s done) OHHH who’s this?” LMAO. BOY YOU GOT CAUGHT! Rachel handled it well, of course she would… she’s an attorney. She’s such a class act, but then her sour side came out (rightfully so) and told him to “Get the fu** out” and I was thinking YESS GIRL STAND UP FOR YOURSELF QUEEN!” She sends him home on the spot and then they have the evening portion of the group date at the Cabinet of Curiosities. How do the producers find these places? I didn’t note much except for Eric and Rachel kiss, okaaaay and Josiah got the rose.

Then, there’s the rose ceremony, or the beginning of it we should say. Rachel’s dress was stunning. Her stylist is KILLING IT. Loved the gold and black look. Sad stupid DeMario shows back up, and asks to speak to Rachel. The episode concludes of her about to go walk out to speak to him for basically some entertainment and the guys decide they need to confront him and tell him to leave, and then it says “To Be Continued”. Always at the really good parts 🙂

A few things to note before I wrap this up.

We haven’t seen a lot of Diggy yet, I’m waiting for his moment. I don’t know what to think of Lee, I love his accent but I don’t know if him and Rachel are a match? I LOVE PETER. That’s all I got for now. Let me know what you thought of this week’s episode. Who are your front runners? Any predictions?

❤ Jeri

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