Cruisin’ on the Sunshine Part Three (Sea Day, Grand Turk & our final Sea Day)

Aw, this is the last installment of Cruisin’ on the Sunshine… I guess this means I’m going to have to book another trip! Yep. 😉

We said our goodbyes to Curacao and the next day we were sailing the ocean blue again. This is where I goofed up and should have journaled this experience. I don’t remember what we did this day but I can tell you about our night. It was our second formal night. Me and Connor got ready and we headed down to check in for dinner, and we ran into the beautiful LaMay family waiting to go to dinner too and after taking pictures with them,  they asked us to join them for dinner or maybe I invited me and Connor, honestly who knows but I immediately said yes before looking up to see Connor nodding in approval. They are the nicest, warmest people! We were introduced to Brandy and Jason who were also joining them for dinner, they are newlyweds that were also in our FB group! && we were introduced to Miss Fallon and little Miss Cali. #Shoutout !!!! So we got it arranged so all of us could sit together and have dinner together. It was such a lovely dinner. I adore everyone that was at the dinner table that night. I got to know Brandy and Jason, LOVE! Brandy is my spirit animal, we both share love for beer and she’s just so funny, and keeps it real. I wish I got to spend more time with her, as well as Fallon as I just met her that night. Great ladies!!! Honestly, that dinner is one of my most favorite memories from the trip.

Left picture, Me and Danielle. Right: Myself and my girl Brandy!

After dinner, I had an outfit that I had been waiting for the perfect night to wear. I don’t wear makeup ever unless its mascara, but my new found friend Fallon gave me a impromptu makeover after asking her opinion on my outfit. I felt transformed! I am a confident person usually, but that night I was feeling myself a little more than usual! In the words of Travis Sutton-Wright, “YASS QUEEN!!!!” That’s how I felt.

gettin ittttt.jpg

We went to the club, hung out, danced hesitantly… I need some liquid courage not going to lie and had a great night. Met new friends that night too, and came back to the room around 230 so I could get some rest before our last stop of the trip, Grand Turk!

grand turk.jpg

I had visited Grand Turk before, three years previously so I knew the place to be was Margaritaville which was almost literally a hop from the ship to the restaurant. LOVE it there!!! Me and Connor snagged a table, before it got turnt up in that joint. and it DID! We ran into CW and Travis and they sat down with us and we ordered our first round of drinks. I ordered the BEST Pina Colada, it was worth every penny.

We sat outside by the pool, and the DJ was out there playing music and he was great. After the drinks started flowing, Travis who honestly should audition for the Magic Mike Vegas show showed off his dance moves which were amazing but hilarious and the table next us couldn’t stop laughing and were loving it. Next thing I know the waitress was bringing us jello shots, and apparently that table ordered them for us! I wasn’t going to say no to some jello shots, and you know what’s the best part of this entire story? The man that bought us the shots is a MINISTER!!!!!!! Travis is doing body rolls, giving us lap dances, grindin’ everywhere and the MINISTER was living for it, him and his wife. God bless. I guess everyone has to kick back and hang out sometimes too 🙂  The day flew by, it was an incredible day! Next thing I know we have about 45 minutes until we have to be back on board so I bought a few things for my Mom in the gift shop and we walked back over to the ship and got back on. It was my favorite day of the cruise by far. I would love to go back!!

We had one more Sea Day until we arrived back home. Connor and I spent the day hanging out with everyone and just soaking up the little last bit of vacation we had.

connor me last sea day.jpg

Overall, the cruise was amazing. I had the time of my life with my best friend. We met absolutely amazing people and got to decompress and not worry about having to be anywhere at a certain time or having to punch a clock. I needed this vacation more than any vacation I had taken in my life.

&&& I can’t end this cruise series before I tell you about our LOVELY Cruise Director, Emma Nixon.

SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I’ve cruised with Dr. E and he is hilarious, he should have a role in the Madea’s movies but Emma is a gem, truly. She is so sweet, bubbly, she doesn’t miss a beat. You go on some cruises and you don’t even remember your CD’s name or ever see them but Emma was everywhere. She was so nice and you fell in love with her British accent, “Hello lovelies!!” She had the cutest phrases she would say over the PA that you would say back to yourself the rest of the day. This cruise has a themed night she hosted about every night, she made sure everyone was out there and having a great time. Besides price, she would be one of the reasons I would book another cruise, if she were the CD. She knows how to work a crowd and she’s just lovely, that’s all I can say to sum it up really.

Can’t wait to take another trip so I can tell you guys all about my experiences! I loved writing before I started this blog but this has truly become a passion of mine and I am so happy I started this blog.

Until next time guys,


last night cruise pic.jpg

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