The Bachelorette Week 2 Recap!

Hey guys! So, Monday night was the second episode of The Bachelorette. There’s so much to discuss, a lot happened this episode! I’m still obsessed with Rachel, anyone else? This season I can already tell isn’t going to be lacking in the drama or LOVE department 😉

Okay, let’s begin! *Whips out my iPhone notes I took during the episode*

I see Copper, Rachel’s dog and he is so STINKIN CUTE!! His poor leg though, what happened? Poor buddy, but it looks like it’s not holding him back from jet setting to Palm Springs 😉

So, there’s a group date. The card reads: “Dean, Jack, Jonathan, Blake, Kenny, Fred, Lucas and Iggy. I’m looking for husband material…” The guys show up to Rachel showing off her wifey material status getting a BBQ ready, and it looks so cute! They’re drinking Moscow mules, I noted. As if that’s important but I am all about the aesthetic in this situation, lol. ASHTON KUTCHER AND MILA KUNIS!!! They show up to help Rachel explain what the guys are going to be doing. Ashton and Mila are the fans of the show, and especially of Rachel. I love that, they seem so down to earth. Ashton and Mila are so adorable together, I want to hang out with them. Mila’s BJ comment though, I died. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE DEAN IS?????? I don’t know if he is husband material just yet, he’s 25 I think? He’s a little bit younger than Rachel but he is soooo cute. His smile! Goodness. So, they have their daddy duty challenge and it’s pretty fun to watch. Iggy has to retreat to the “dog house” first. It comes down to Lucas, WHABOOOM guy and Kenny. Lucas stiff arms Kenny, and wins the challenge. Lucas has a celebratory WHABOOOM, and they show Ashton’s reaction to it, and all I can think is, same Ashton, same.”  The evening portion of the date is at this really cool warehouse bar that’s retro themed. I wanted to be there! It comes out that Blake knows Lucas, Blake spends his one on one time trying to put down Lucas. Probably going to be Blake’s downfall in the end, the one who tattles usually loses in Bachelor history. I also noted Jack Stone was cute, another one that you don’t really remember from night one but he’s coming out of the shadows. In Lucas and Blake’s exchange on the couch, did it seem like Lucas was drunk? The dude was slurring his words, it was kinda funny. You can’t take him seriously.

Dean and Rachel had an amazing one on one time, after she was saying she was kind of disappointed in the conversation so far that night with the other guys , and I called it. Dean got the rose for the date, I wrote “obvi”. Good move on Dean’s part, offering to walk Rachel out at the end of the night. Smooth 😉 He gets his kiss, and I can feel the sparks through my television screen. Woaaah.

Next, Peter gets the one on one date, YASSSS. Peter is so dreamy. He might be the most attractive man in the house.  Peter and Rachel drive up to the airport, which for some reason I was impressed he was driving her. I don’t know why but I was. Copper joins Peter and Rachel and they get on the plane and head to Palm Springs! They go to Barkfest, a dog pool party. Honestly, my dream date. Now when I talk to guys on Tinder and they ask what my ideal date is, I can honestly give them an answer now. Take me on a date to a dog pool party, where corgis and golden retrievers will be and I’ll be set. I loved their conversation at dinner about their gaps in their teeth. I was so impressed that he said he went to a relationship therapist. Not a lot of men I feel like actually go and do that on their own. PREDICTION:::: I think Peter will at least make it to Top 2. They are so perfect, it has to be too good to be true right? Or is it plainly obvious that they are soulmates? Literally, the date ended in fireworks. I was giddy the whole time watching it, I felt like I was Rachel out on the date, as she said she was a “smitten kitten”. Ok, me.

Next in the episode is the second one on one date. The date card reads, “Will, Jamie, Diggy, Adam, Lee, Alex, Matt, Eric, Josiah and DeMario. Swish”.  The date is in a high school gymnasium, they’re all playing basketball and the guest of the date is the iconic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Who seemed like a total sweetheart!!! I appreciated his sense of humor and his advice he gave Rachel. Honestly, I was bored with the date until the tea is spilled ALL OVER THE COURT. Rachel is taking pictures with fans and then a girl approaches Rachel. She tells Rachel that she’s DeMario’s girlfriend and that he never broke up with her and basically ghosted her and came on the show. Ouch. I could feel her genuine disgust for what he had done to her. I DIED when Rachel brought DeMario out to confront this girl, and he said, “OHHH (like he was almost excited to see this girl, and then remembers what he’s done) OHHH who’s this?” LMAO. BOY YOU GOT CAUGHT! Rachel handled it well, of course she would… she’s an attorney. She’s such a class act, but then her sour side came out (rightfully so) and told him to “Get the fu** out” and I was thinking YESS GIRL STAND UP FOR YOURSELF QUEEN!” She sends him home on the spot and then they have the evening portion of the group date at the Cabinet of Curiosities. How do the producers find these places? I didn’t note much except for Eric and Rachel kiss, okaaaay and Josiah got the rose.

Then, there’s the rose ceremony, or the beginning of it we should say. Rachel’s dress was stunning. Her stylist is KILLING IT. Loved the gold and black look. Sad stupid DeMario shows back up, and asks to speak to Rachel. The episode concludes of her about to go walk out to speak to him for basically some entertainment and the guys decide they need to confront him and tell him to leave, and then it says “To Be Continued”. Always at the really good parts 🙂

A few things to note before I wrap this up.

We haven’t seen a lot of Diggy yet, I’m waiting for his moment. I don’t know what to think of Lee, I love his accent but I don’t know if him and Rachel are a match? I LOVE PETER. That’s all I got for now. Let me know what you thought of this week’s episode. Who are your front runners? Any predictions?

❤ Jeri

Cruisin’ on the Sunshine Part Three (Sea Day, Grand Turk & our final Sea Day)

Aw, this is the last installment of Cruisin’ on the Sunshine… I guess this means I’m going to have to book another trip! Yep. 😉

We said our goodbyes to Curacao and the next day we were sailing the ocean blue again. This is where I goofed up and should have journaled this experience. I don’t remember what we did this day but I can tell you about our night. It was our second formal night. Me and Connor got ready and we headed down to check in for dinner, and we ran into the beautiful LaMay family waiting to go to dinner too and after taking pictures with them,  they asked us to join them for dinner or maybe I invited me and Connor, honestly who knows but I immediately said yes before looking up to see Connor nodding in approval. They are the nicest, warmest people! We were introduced to Brandy and Jason who were also joining them for dinner, they are newlyweds that were also in our FB group! && we were introduced to Miss Fallon and little Miss Cali. #Shoutout !!!! So we got it arranged so all of us could sit together and have dinner together. It was such a lovely dinner. I adore everyone that was at the dinner table that night. I got to know Brandy and Jason, LOVE! Brandy is my spirit animal, we both share love for beer and she’s just so funny, and keeps it real. I wish I got to spend more time with her, as well as Fallon as I just met her that night. Great ladies!!! Honestly, that dinner is one of my most favorite memories from the trip.

Left picture, Me and Danielle. Right: Myself and my girl Brandy!

After dinner, I had an outfit that I had been waiting for the perfect night to wear. I don’t wear makeup ever unless its mascara, but my new found friend Fallon gave me a impromptu makeover after asking her opinion on my outfit. I felt transformed! I am a confident person usually, but that night I was feeling myself a little more than usual! In the words of Travis Sutton-Wright, “YASS QUEEN!!!!” That’s how I felt.

gettin ittttt.jpg

We went to the club, hung out, danced hesitantly… I need some liquid courage not going to lie and had a great night. Met new friends that night too, and came back to the room around 230 so I could get some rest before our last stop of the trip, Grand Turk!

grand turk.jpg

I had visited Grand Turk before, three years previously so I knew the place to be was Margaritaville which was almost literally a hop from the ship to the restaurant. LOVE it there!!! Me and Connor snagged a table, before it got turnt up in that joint. and it DID! We ran into CW and Travis and they sat down with us and we ordered our first round of drinks. I ordered the BEST Pina Colada, it was worth every penny.

We sat outside by the pool, and the DJ was out there playing music and he was great. After the drinks started flowing, Travis who honestly should audition for the Magic Mike Vegas show showed off his dance moves which were amazing but hilarious and the table next us couldn’t stop laughing and were loving it. Next thing I know the waitress was bringing us jello shots, and apparently that table ordered them for us! I wasn’t going to say no to some jello shots, and you know what’s the best part of this entire story? The man that bought us the shots is a MINISTER!!!!!!! Travis is doing body rolls, giving us lap dances, grindin’ everywhere and the MINISTER was living for it, him and his wife. God bless. I guess everyone has to kick back and hang out sometimes too 🙂  The day flew by, it was an incredible day! Next thing I know we have about 45 minutes until we have to be back on board so I bought a few things for my Mom in the gift shop and we walked back over to the ship and got back on. It was my favorite day of the cruise by far. I would love to go back!!

We had one more Sea Day until we arrived back home. Connor and I spent the day hanging out with everyone and just soaking up the little last bit of vacation we had.

connor me last sea day.jpg

Overall, the cruise was amazing. I had the time of my life with my best friend. We met absolutely amazing people and got to decompress and not worry about having to be anywhere at a certain time or having to punch a clock. I needed this vacation more than any vacation I had taken in my life.

&&& I can’t end this cruise series before I tell you about our LOVELY Cruise Director, Emma Nixon.

SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I’ve cruised with Dr. E and he is hilarious, he should have a role in the Madea’s movies but Emma is a gem, truly. She is so sweet, bubbly, she doesn’t miss a beat. You go on some cruises and you don’t even remember your CD’s name or ever see them but Emma was everywhere. She was so nice and you fell in love with her British accent, “Hello lovelies!!” She had the cutest phrases she would say over the PA that you would say back to yourself the rest of the day. This cruise has a themed night she hosted about every night, she made sure everyone was out there and having a great time. Besides price, she would be one of the reasons I would book another cruise, if she were the CD. She knows how to work a crowd and she’s just lovely, that’s all I can say to sum it up really.

Can’t wait to take another trip so I can tell you guys all about my experiences! I loved writing before I started this blog but this has truly become a passion of mine and I am so happy I started this blog.

Until next time guys,


last night cruise pic.jpg

Cruisin’ on the Sunshine Part Two

Heyyyy! I’m back for Part Two. So where were we?

So this cruise itinerary was different than other cruises for me. Since we were headed to the Southern Caribbean, we were out to sea for two days instead of one. So, I left you at the end of the first Sea Day. We went to sleep that night, and we woke up and we were still sailing. I LOVE Sea Days so I was excited! I was scared that I would be ready to get off the ship and on land after 2.5 days at sea but honestly, I really enjoyed the additional Sea Day.

I recall sleeping in, and me and Connor went and grabbed lunch. Connor loved Cucina Del Capitano’s lunch menu, which by the way lunch there is free but for dinner there is a charge but if you’re having cravings for Italian on the Sunshine, Cucina Del Capitano is the place to be especially when our friend Brandon is the handsome host! Shoutout to you! So yeah back to what I was saying, Connor had Italian for lunch and I grabbed Guy’s Burgers (again) lol and met him back at the restaurant and had a wonderful lunch. I decided I wanted to book a massage, and after looking at the Cloud 9 Spa’s specials I decided to book a hot stone massage/facial. A girl has to treat herself on vacay, aye! I had about an hour of time to kill before my massage, so I went down to the Lido Deck and watched Carnival’s famous Hairy Chest Contest. It’s horrifying but you can’t look away, it’s hilarious! Meanwhile, Connor went to a Murder Mystery event. After watching old hairy men grind on ladies on the deck, I went upstairs to check in for my massage appointment. My massage therapist was Alba, she was STUNNING. She was like 6’3”, hailing from Spain. She was so sweet and I enjoyed talking to her throughout my massage, she was really lovely. The massage did not disappoint, honestly I’ve never had a professional massage or a massage on Carnival that disappointed.

massage chair day 3.jpg

After the massage, me and Connor met back up. We realized it was actually time for our Facebook group’s Cocktail Hour. We were originally not going to go, we didn’t pay for the cover charge but we decided to show up and chat with everyone. We were 15 minutes late into the hour but to our surprise, Vici and Shanny surprised us and told us some of the people who paid to drink didn’t show up and told us we could drink for free in their place! YES! Me and Connor were so excited, I had about three Sex on the Beach’s (yummy!) 45 minutes went by in a flash.. by the way, isn’t it funny when you’re on a cruise having fun 45 minutes flies by but 45 minutes at work feels like an eternity? but yeah time flew by, we ran into Lori and Bree from our group and had amazing conversation, me and Connor left saying how much fun we had and how they are so nice! Hi Lori and Bree if you’re reading this, miss you!

comedy show.jpg

The next day was our first stop of the trip, Aruba!!!

arrive aruba.jpgaruba day 4.jpg

i love aruba.jpg

I was most excited to see Aruba, I read that it was a desert-y landscape with a tropical climate. It was definitely different than any other place I’ve visited in the Caribbean. The day we were there it was very overcast but it was still very hot and humid but we had a very nice breeze so it turned out to be a really nice day. To our disappointment, that day was a holiday for the country so we were told majority of restaurants/shops were closed. We got off the boat with Taylor, CW and Travis and decided to explore. We walked around the Renaissance Hotel’s private property, saw a lot of iguanas and saw beautiful flowers and landscape. After that we stopped at a Cuban restaurant for lunch since that was one of the few places that were open. I got a Coke to drink, and in American dollars it only came out to be about two dollars but in Aruba’s currency it would have been 4.75! It’s very expensive in Aruba. So, we walked around the main port area and then the other guys had an excursion to get to so we went our separate ways and me and Connor got back on the ship.  I would like to go back when it’s not a holiday, maybe even stay at a resort.

the gang aruba.jpg

Next stop: Curacao!

curacao colors.jpg

Again, it was another overcast day, but I wasn’t mad at it. It was probably a blessing because of hot it is over there. Curacao was a short stop for us, we did a little shopping and meandered around but we got back on the ship after a few hours because we were starving! Not going to lie, when you first get off the ship… it’s a little confusing on foot to decide where to go and where the main part of town is. Go through the shops and when you get out, turn right and go over the FLOATING bridge. I don’t understand the engineering design but it was a highlight of the day. I would recommend when going to Aruba and Curacao to have an excursion booked to make the most out of both ports, but start saving up if you want to take excursions especially through Carnival 😉

connor curacao.jpg

A candid of Connor when we were walking down the street. I hate to say it but that’s a wrap for Curacao. It was beautiful! We were back on the ship, and the next was another Sea Day. We were on our way to Grand Turk! My favorite stop of the trip 🙂

I’m going to end this post here, I don’t want it to get too long. But I am going to continue off where I left off. 🙂 xoxo


Cruisin’ on the Sunshine Part One

The long awaited blog! I’m a couple weeks late in writing this but here it is 🙂 Let me start off first by saying, thank you Connor for going with me on this trip! I had a BLAST. I will always cherish the memories we made those 8 days. Love you bestie!

So, I stayed up all night the night before the cruise because I was so excited I couldn’t sleep! It’s like the adult version of Christmas Eve for me 🙂 7:30 AM came quickly and Connor stayed over the night before so we could hit the road for Port Canaveral. If you know me, I am a lot of things but I am NOT a morning person. It takes me until 11 am to be awake, present and where I can eat food. Connor is a morning person so he was rushing me out the door and luckily I was excited so we were out the door in 30 minutes of me waking up, after hugging my Mom bye 🙂 Traffic was not an issue so we were at the Park N Go in no time. By the way, if you don’t want to pay an arm and leg and park at the Port, I highly recommend Park N Go. It was cheaper, the people were very nice and we didn’t have to wait long for a shuttle heading to the Port and coming home, we didn’t have to wait AT ALL for a shuttle to take us back to the car. I would definitely do business with them again. We made it to the Port, and check in went seamlessly. The lady who checked us in and gave us our S&S card was so sweet. We were zone 10 and on the boat by 12:30! We didn’t have to wait long at all, everything went great!

morning of.jpg

We made it on the beautiful Carnival Sunshine and of course we were in awe. It’s a beautiful ship! We explored and found our cabin, cabin #6161. It was a basic interior room but it was a nice room, great location! We were in a central location, I was very happy with our selection. The first day we met up and said hello to our now lifelong friends, Taylor, CW and Travis! I love you guys if you’re reading this! We went to our muster drill, it was painless and we lucked out because we got the only Muster station that was indoors, in the Liquid Lounge. Before we knew it, it was sail away time!

Before the trip, me and Connor found a Facebook group for the sailing we were going on. By the day of the cruise there was over 300 members! There was so many people we were looking forward to meeting, like Taylor, CW, Travis and my girl Charlie 🙂 So there was a meetup at the Blue Iguana Cantina Bar and we hung out and got to meet so many amazing people we had been corresponding with on and off since we joined the group. We met Vici, Shanny, Danielle, Nick, Theresa, the list goes on! Before we knew it, it was time to get ready and go to dinner! Dinner was great, this time around we had My Time Dining which worked out well about every night. We sat somewhere different every night but it was fun because we met some great waiters every night who worked so hard to make sure we had an amazing dining experience. We had a great night, drinking and hanging out with the guys and Connor and I recapped when the bars closed at the pizza bar, and met some really nice women that we sat by and chatted with.

Here’s a picture of me and Connor at the Alchemy Bar night one to wrap up Day One!

first night pic.jpg

I am definitely going to have to write about this adventure in installments!

I’ll fill you guys in on the next day, (Sea Day)

So, admittedly I probably should have logged every day what we did so I can remember what we did what in what order, but it’s okay! Next cruise 😉 So, we woke up and went to breakfast/brunch and then we HIT THE GYM…. Yes, we went to the gym on a cruise. Connor got my lazy booty up in the gym. We did a couple miles on the bike and I did arms while Connor did weights. It was cool, watching the water as you’re working out. Plus, the trainers in the gym were not bad on the eyes at all 😉 I’m going to be honest, this first Sea Day is a blur and not because of alcohol. We did so much! We tried to win a spa raffle but we did not come out winners. For lunch, I had Guys Burgers, but honestly that’s where I was for lunch majority of the cruise. It’s so good! I don’t think I can cruise unless they have Guys. I’ve been spoiled since sailing the Liberty. I did hang out with Charlie, Chase and Aj at the Red Frog bar by the pool. Thanks again for the beer Charlie! ❤

sea day charlie.jpg

Sea Days always fly by! And they are my favorite part of the cruise. Next thing I know, it’s time for Formal Night, time to dress up for dinner! Dinner was amazing once again, and later that night, we went out and had a blast!


Left to Right: Connor, Travis, CW, Jai, Taylor and me in center. 🙂

the boys formal night one.jpg

Stay tuned for Day 3 & Day 4 (Sea Day & Aruba!!!) Thanks again for all the support and words of encouragement about the blog! It means a lot. ❤


“I’m letting love lead the way”

Happy Bachelorette season guys! Last night “The Bachelorette” premiered and I couldn’t have been more excited. Rachel Lindsay is a breath of fresh air. The Bachelor franchise has needed a person like her for a long time. She is successful, beautiful, confident and sassy. Some Bachelorettes in the past, in my opinion have been lacking something, and Rachel brings so much to the table. It’s only the first episode and I can confidently say, she’s probably the best Bachelorette they’ve ever had. She’s a bad ass woman and someone to look up to!

Wow, so where I do begin talking about the men? So many characters, such a diverse group! Is it just me though or do a few of the guys resemble past contestants? Let me know if you see any resemblance. I actually took notes watching, because I wanted to remember who stood out to me.

Well, first guy was Rachel’s doggo- COPPER! OMG! He was so cute. LOL but here it is. A lot of men stood out to me in their introductions so bare with me, I might have to narrow some guys down.

  • Alex, from Detroit. He was described as a coder, techie dude. I wrote, “HOT” in my description of him
  • Mo, 26. I wrote “strangely cute” I really liked he fact he was a Bollywood dancer and he was dancing with his huge family in the living room.
  • LUCAS. GOOD LORD!!!!!!!! WHABOOOM GUY. He definitely has an agenda, the dude came in wearing his merch? I literally would have to be medicated to deal with him. SPOILER ALERT, but she kept him… really? Well I’m not surprised because they always string the quirky guy with the shtick for a few episodes, they have to create some type of entertainment, I suppose.
  • Blake E, personal trainer. He had pretty eyes but he was self described as having an amazing penis. I wrote, “Oh lord… just stop.” He doesn’t sound like he’s ready to settle down. Not my favorite dude.
  • Aw, Diggy. I think they could possibly hit it off. I wrote, “his puppy”. He had a cute dog, I think. I love his style and his glasses.

Okay, this is where first impressions go wrong. In Josiah’s intro, he won me over. The story about his brother was devastating, I thought he was kinda cute but throughout the episode, his attitude and arrogance turned me off. Sorry, not sorry.

Then, my girl Rachel pulls up in a Tesla. I’m like “YES QUEEN!!!” Then, we see Alexis, Raven (awkward?), Corinne, Astrid and a few of the other girls in the Bachelor mansion’s living room. Rachel enters and they have a small girl pow-wow. Raven looks like she’s on the edge of tears the whole time and then she does end up crying, very awkward for me. I think they were a little tipsy before Rachel even walked in the door, but nonetheless- #SQUADGOALS. I would love to hang out with that crew for a day.

Back to the men,

PETER. PETER. PETER. The minute Peter smiled, he had me. He seemed so down to earth and sweet. We saw a little bit of Bryce, the firefighter from Orlando and he was a hottie. I want to see more of him, hopefully in the upcoming episodes? Fred, which Rachel actually knew from back home which was crazy! I’m a hopeless romantic so I’m immediately thinking it’s fate. Does anyone remember from tonight’s episode Jonathan? He is giving me trouble-maker vibes, almost like a Kasey. Does anyone remember Kasey? LOL. Vacuum dude? I don’t’ remember his name but whoever put him up to that idea was running REAL LOW on ideas. What…….?

If yall know me, I love saying “OKUUURTTTT”. You have to hear me say it to understand but that’s what I was saying when Bryan kissed Rachel. HELLLOOO! That was a hot and steamy kiss. I was about to say yall can just wrap this up because it looks like we are done here. He is going to go far this season, I’m calling TOP TWO.

Here are my picks for Episode 1 that are going to go far this season:

  • Bryan, obviously. He got the first impression rose, obviiiouslyyyyyy.
  • Kenny, he’s a sweetheart.
  • Peter, and if he doesn’t- I’m gonna personally slide in the DM’s myself. OKUUUURT.
  • and Diggy.

I’m sure my opinions and picks are going to change as the weeks go on but those are my picks as of right now who’s going to go far. But there’s always that “sleeper” dude or girl, he surprises all of us at the end. Like Chase, from JoJo’s season or Catherine from Sean Lowe’s season. Catherine ended up marrying Sean and they have the cutest baby.


Rachel had to say goodbye to Rob, Kyle, Blake K. and Milton. I thought it was kinda funny that Milton was crying and more concerned he didn’t get to show off his outfits he brought. #FirstWorldProblems

DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THIS? The guys pulled up in the limo and it was night time, and when they had the rose ceremony and the eliminated guys left… it was bright out? Did they film this in a two day time span? I would like some answers to that. Hmm.

In the promo for the season at the end of the episode, it looks like Rachel goes to some AMAZING locations. I can’t wait to see this season. I hope Rachel finds someone amazing, she’s a doll. Can’t wait for next week, and if you read this post… thank you! and let me know your thoughts on yesterday’s episode. Who are your front runners? What did you think of WHABOOM guy?

“I’m letting love lead the way.”

-Rachel Lindsay

Thanks for reading,